Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing gives you access to potential buyers. However, their decision to purchase or not can depend on how you use the social media to interact with them. To make sure that you create only a positive impact on your customers and not an off-putting one, it is important to make a note of some important things you should do and avoid.

To begin with, you need to set your own social media guidelines for a systematic and professional online marketing approach for impressing customers. It is important that you adhere to these rules all the time, as crossing the line can damage your company’s reputation and brand image on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

As users like the idea of interacting with a human being rather than an entity or an organization, adding a representative profile photograph can give the profile a human touch. If you don’t want to use a person’s picture, use a company logo that is in line with your values and goals.

The most important thing to avoid in social media marketing is to give out negative messages to your customers. Secondly, don’t stay inactive on the network for too long, otherwise people may forget you and not pay any attention when you login the next time. Finally, don’t spam – avoid sending friend requests and product information to everybody and anybody on the net. Instead, identify potential customers who show interest in your product, and work on building a good relationship with them.

One comment on “Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Marketing

  • Wolves, I would add ‘do not be anonymous’ and that each post, article or video should have an obvious author attached to it, and be as ‘human’ as possible. Each author should be accountable. Having written that, I notice this piece doesn’t have a person’s name attached to it?

    Also I’d say ‘do not publish any text anywhere without at least one picture, no matter what the subject is…’ There’s my two cents.

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