The Need to Decentralize Your Content

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The content marketing strategy adopted by a majority of companies focuses on the content owned by the firm. This includes official web pages, PDFs, white papers and all other content that appears on their own web address.

Search, email, direct URL entry and social media are the primary ways of attracting web traffic to the content owned by you. Although top search engine optimization, effective e-mail campaigns and other centralized content marketing efforts are important, they tend to limit your reach to people who are already familiar with your brand.

When your name comes up in the search results, a user who is familiar with your company is most likely to click. Opt-in email campaigns once again target known customers. Only the users who are familiar with your brand are likely to search for it through a direct URL entry. Even in social media, people tend to interact with known brands.

None of these channels really help you get in touch with new potential customers. Decentralizing your content is one of the best ways of broadening your reach. You can use your content or its variation to write guest posts, create videos, make podcasts or build photo galleries.

Google Knol, Squidoo lens and Slideshare are a few other options for decentralizing your content. Content decentralization means putting it within easy reach of web users who are not familiar with you. To take your business forward, you need to give equal importance to both content centralization and decentralization in your content marketing strategy.

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