Things to Remember while Crowdsourcing Your Marketing Campaign

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Marketing strategies have undergone major changes over the last few years. Today web traffic marketing is an important part of the overall marketing strategy. Unlike earlier, marketing is not limited to one-way communication anymore.

Advancement in technology has made it possible for customers to play a bigger role in the promotion of their favorite brands. Here are a few tips to help you successfully crowdsource marketing campaigns.

Do not overwhelm customers

While crowdsourcing, you need to remember that your customers are busy people. They do not need you to burden them with additional work. Encourage people to participate in your brand’s marketing rather than leaving the task entirely up to them. In the latest Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange project, the popular vodka brand did just that by asking people to give their best nightlife ideas for a chance to explore nightlife in various parts of the world.

Ensure that your brief is clear and simple

For successful crowdsourcing, you need to be very specific about what exactly you want people to do. Mere clear writing is not enough; the concept needs to be simple and easy to understand. A complicated or ambiguous brief can result in dissatisfactory results. Clear guidelines are necessary to avoid a disastrous situation like customers commenting negatively on your brand.

Offer attractive incentives

Good incentives are essential to encourage serious submissions. Apart from the first prize, it is advisable to offer substantial second and third prizes as well. This improves the odds of getting a prize for participants and encourages them to give it their best shot.

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