Clickbooth CPC – An Alternative to Google Adsense?

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Google Adsense has successfully maintained its huge market share for many years now. It is the biggest player in the field of paid internet marketing and it has faced very few challenges so far. Many competitors have come and gone but Adsense is still going strong. And this lack of alternatives is not optimal for advertisers and publishers.

For all large, as well as small publishers who are looking for a substitute to Google Adsense, there is some good news. An upcoming CPC network called Clickbooth has been drawing attention of publishers. Clickbooth CPC is a Florida based project by IntegraClick, led by Tom Haney, a former AOL executive.

Clickbooth differs from the previous CPC competitors in that it has partnerships with three of the major players in the content space –, and These have a big media presence both online as well as offline. These partnerships make it stand out from the rest of the Google Adsense competition.

Clickbooth offers publisher and advertiser friendly solutions, and it is supported by a transparent auction process. Large and small publishers can take advantage of more direct processes and benefit from existing Clickbooth CPC ads.

It remains to be seen how much Clickbooth is able to challenge Google Adsense. It certainly wouldn’t be easy, as Google has a huge advantage in distributing highly relevant, context-sensitive advertisements.

One comment on “Clickbooth CPC – An Alternative to Google Adsense?

  • Since Google earnings seem to be dropping rediculously low, I’m certainly looking for other alternatives. I think I’m going to look into this Clickbooth and try it on one of my newer sites before placing Google ads on it.

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