Canadian Entrepreneur Ted Rogers Dies in Home

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Ted RogersTed Rogers, founder of Rogers Communications, has passed away in his home at the age of 75.

Ted Rogers has long been considered the epitome of entrepreneurialism. Since 1960, when Rogers first entered (and pioneered) the communications industry, Rogers had proved himself time and time again as an innovator and shrewd business man. Often, Rogers caught on to trends and innovations before others in his field could see the potential. This led Rogers to take brave and calculated risks with (usually) huge payoffs, eventually bringing Rogers to the status of one of Canada’s wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs.

Rogers Communications is currently worth just under $20 billion and is employing almost 25,000 employees. This is thanks in part to Rogers having the foresight and determination to steer Rogers Cable in the direction of high-speed Internet, solidifying the company’s reputation and place as a leader in the field.

Ted Rogers is survived by his wife, Loretta, of 45 years, and their four children.

For more a little more info about the history of Ted Rogers, pick up a copy of his autobiography Relentless: The True Story of the Man Behind Rogers Communications.

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