How Businesses Use Social Media to Keep Customers Happy

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Businesses worldwide have long been exploring the potential benefits of using social media tools to drum up sales, improve brand awareness or simply make customers happier. There is a lot of talk on how social media is a great tool for direct customer interaction. Still, not all businesses make optimum use of these tools. But the few savvy ones that have done so are reaping spectacular rewards.

Domino’s Pizza – Making Valuable Connections

According to Ramon DeLeon, partner in half a dozen Domino’s Pizza outlets in Chicago, social media tools have really made a difference to his business. He says that by letting customers know that he is willing to lend an ear to them, he has earned their loyalty and trust. His social media strategy, the one he calls ‘instinct marketing’, lets him share interesting developments and achievements of the business with customers. DeLeon believes that every business owner, no matter how busy, should spare time for social media interactions.

KFC’s Success with Social Media

Like DeLeon’s success with Domino’s, KFC too is enjoying the rewards of painstakingly building a great relationship with millions of customers. Rick Maynard, KFC’s Public Relations Manager explains that the company’s presence on Twitter and its commitment to genuinely communicating with customers is the secret behind the millions of followers it has earned. KFC does offer promotions to its loyal social media members to keep them feeling special and this does wonders for drawing in new users to the company’s social media pages as well. To find out more about how your business too can reap the benefits of social media, contact a reputed internet marketing firm today.

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