Benefits of Embedding a Blog on Your Website

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RSS FeedThe importance of companies establishing an online presence is increasing. At first it was enough for a company to simply slap up a quick website and claim a domain name of their own. However, nowadays they need to include multiple other pieces to the puzzle in order to rank well on Google’s search engine.

Blogs are ever increasing in popularity and demand. Are they really that important though? What are the benefits of having a blog? These are all questions that are often posed among people who have reservations towards incorporating new additions to their current websites.

Here are some beneficial points related to having a blog embedded on your website:

  • It grows the size of your website. One of Google’s page ranking factors is the size of your website. If your blog is embedded onto your website directly, then each new blog entry increases the size of the overall website. Therefore, you increase your page rank on Google.
  • Knowledge of the industry. A blog can act as a medium for the company to comment on different aspects of their respected industry. This shows that the company is up to date in their industry and actually has a valuable contribution.
  • It’s fresh content. Having up to date and fresh content is important for both Google search engines and human readers. From Google’s stand point, the more often you post fresh content, the more frequently Google will come back and index your website. From a human reader standpoint, if the content is fresh and interesting, then there is an increased chance that person will visit your website on a regular basis. This works to your advantage as they become more familiar with your brand and products which could lead to an increase in sales at the end of the day.
  • Linking ability. Another important aspect for SEO on a page is to incorporate links. With a blog, both internal and external links can be used. This will allow your blog to link to other pages, which aids in increasing its page rank on Google.

In short, blogs are greatly beneficial. No matter what company you are in, embedding a blog on your website is important to if you want your website to get indexed by Google.

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