AdWords Offers Credible Benchmarks to Assess the Success of Ad Campaigns

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Assessing the success of a display campaign has always been a difficult task, regardless of whether a business conducts online marketing on its own or takes help of an internet marketing agency.

Because of the lack of comprehensive benchmarks, firms either rely on the comparison between past and present performance or compare multiple advertisers or campaigns against each other to gauge the success of display campaigns.

Adwords first started publishing data on display benchmarks in 2009 to provide credible points of reference for agencies and advertisers to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. The online advertising services provider recently announced that a dedicated space on Watch This Space site will be allocated to data on display benchmarks.

This will offer advertisers the latest benchmarks in display including engagement metrics like expansion rate and interaction rate for rich media, click through rate metrics, average interaction times and video complete rates across a wide range of industry verticals, ad types and ad sizes.

According to the latest benchmarks, engagement rates and response rates have remained stable over the last 2 years. The overall CTR has been stable at 0.09% since 2009. The rich media ad format usage has doubled in the past 2 years. Rich media accounted for 9% of all the impressions served in 2009. The percentage went up to 18% in 2010.

The data also indicates that large sized ads generate better response. A space dedicated to display benchmarks will help advertisers be informed about all the latest trends in the field.

Comprehensive data from DoubleClick for Advertisers, meticulous methodology and inputs from the Advertising Research Foundation have been used to derive these benchmarks.

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