Adwords and Adcenter – The Key Differences

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Since the search alliance transition, a greater number of Yahoo impressions are available through MSN’s adCenter. As a result, adCenter market share has almost tripled, from 11.2% to 28%. The marketers, who have been ignoring adCenter or treating it as an afterthought, need to pull up their socks and get their adCenter PPC campaigns in good form. To avoid losing a significant number of potential customers, marketers need to give due importance to adCenter in their PPC management.

Unlike Yahoo and AdWords, adCenter and AdWords seem to have more in common, but to develop a successful adCenter campaign, marketers need to be aware of the major differences between them. Here are some of the key differences between AdWords and adCenter.


Although AdWords and adCenter both have dynamic keyword insertion capability, both the platforms treat capitalization differently. In case of adCenter, keywords are inserted as they appear. For instance, a search query like ‘airline tickets’ will appear as’ airline tickets’, with no changes in appearance. But AdWords functionality results in a query like ‘airline tickets’ appear as ‘Airline Tickets’, when inserted in the ad.

Match types

Both Adwords and adCenter offer match types like exact match, phrase and broad match, but modified broad match is offered only by AdWords. Success of many PPC campaigns using this match types have proved its efficiency. But in case of adCenter, marketers need to depend on phrase, exact match and broad match used in combination with a strong group of negative keywords to get same volume of relevant traffic.

Also, both the platforms treat negative keywords differently. So marketers need to be cautious when using AdWord negative keywords for their adCenter PPC campaign.

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