AdCenter – A Great Tool to Overcome Optimization Challenges

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Microsoft’s adCenter has never managed to achieve the kind of popularity that Google’s AdWords enjoys. But adCenter reports are definitely great tools to overcome many common optimization challenges. The fact is that adCenter has a very different approach to implementing quality scoring and this is what makes these reports so valuable when used in the right way. The adCenter reports base quality scoring on three key aspects- landing page relevance, user experience from landing pages and keyword relevance. Unlike AdWords, the adCenter quality score reports do not impact the cost of advertising for the advertiser or the actual ranking of the ad. But advertisers can improve the effectiveness and reach of their ads if they know how to read these reports right.

Identifying Problem Areas

The adCenter reports let the advertiser find problem areas quickly and make the changes that will bring immediate results. The ease with which you can track quality score changes over time makes it possible for you to see exactly how changes you made to your campaign are faring. Ad Center’s transparency lets you evaluate the quality scores for each keyword and match type that you are using. This lets you weed out ineffective ones and focus on the ones that are actually resulting in conversions.

A Trend Barometer

The adCenter quality score data lets you or your internet marketing company keep track of both positive and negative trends. Because you can easily spot patterns in the data yielded, you are in a position to take quick remedial action when the trend is moving away from you. A great plus here is that changes you bring about to encourage positive trends work just as well with Google, Yahoo and Bing campaigns.

Instant Feedback

AdCenter gives you instant feedback on your campaign strategy. This keeps you from spending too much time on one single optimization challenge. You can even view the historical quality scores for each of your keywords and refine the search using the filters given. This lets you maintain a focused approach that gets the job done in the shortest possible time.

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