Action Plan to Make the Most of Twitter’s Search Update

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Marketers have been using Twitter Search to monitor brand mentions for a long time. Twitter’s recent updates have also made Twitter Search a useful tool for people discovery. With the new update, Twitter Search can now offer people recommendation for desired keywords. This development should prompt marketers to develop an action plan, to make the most of it.

Use Twitter Search for influencer research

Influencer research plays an important role in social media campaign. Influencers are people, who have the ability to influence others. Identification of the influencers in your field and partnering with them can help you establish yourself for effective web traffic marketing. Now it is easier to identify the influencers in your area using Twitter Search.

Optimize your tweets and bio for targeted keywords

Keyword mention in your bio and the regularity of its mention in your tweets are mostly likely being considered to offer people recommendations. So it has become necessary to optimize both your bio and tweets with targeted keywords to establish yourself as a subject expert and appear in the top recommendations.

Monitor your competitors

People recommendation is likely to get very competitive. To ensure that you maintain your position in the top recommendations, you need to constantly monitor your competitors. You need to monitors your own ranking as well as that of your competitors for targeted keywords regularly. In case your position seems to be slipping down, analysis of your competitor’s strategy can help you understand where you are going wrong and what need to be done. With this information, you can come up with an effective action plan.

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