5 Reasons B2B Marketers are Missing Out on Social Media.

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Social media has been the poster child for Internet marketing for some time now. You might think that from the amount of noise you hear online that every company on the planet has a social media team pushing out content moment by moment.

In fact, every Thursday morning I meet with 20 local business professionals in Oakville, Ontario and the first question they all ask me is, “What should I be doing with social media?” Social media just seems so much easier than dealing with Adwords or hiring an SEO company. In reality, if it was that easy, B2B companies would be taking it more seriously.

In a recent survey by Accenture, only 7% of companies surveyed said that they were heavily involved in social media while 9% were not using social media at all. So what is stopping social media from pushing through the envelope?

Resources – Most companies try to “fit” a current employee into the social media sphere.not realizing the volume of additional work attached to the position.

Skills – We receive several “social media” job applicant resumes per month. They all look great on paper but when we check out their blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts, we can see that would still require a lot of coaching.

Tools – Using the proper tools to measure its effectiveness can be expensive.

Budget – If you are already spending money on PPC or SEO, adding Social media to your toolbox may be stretching your finances.

Awareness of Benefits – Most companies are doing the same old tired strategy of feeding their blog posts into social media sites and thing that that covers it. There is so much more to it.

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