4 Tips for Local Marketing Success

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Rather than going global, many small businesses are going local. With the growing importance being given to searcher location by search engines, local marketing strategy has become even more attractive. If implemented effectively, it can be a winning strategy. Here are some tips to help your local marketing efforts.

Get your business listed with Google Places

Getting your business listed with Google Places is easy and free. This will get your business listed for local search results on both Google maps and Google Search. Effectively optimized company description, and good quality and number of reviews will help you get top local search ranking.

Use long-tail keywords

Use of long-tail keywords is an essential part of on-site optimization of your website for local search. Make use of specific phrases that include your business description as well as your location, for instance, ‘Bakery in Boston’. You may take help of a search engine optimization specialist for this purpose.

Focus on long-term success

Short-term solutions, for example, dependence on daily deal sites like GroupOn for business, can prove to be expensive in the long run. You may make use of such methods, but always focus on long-term success. Building your online presence and developing a community of loyal customers will ensure success for your business in the long run.

Monitor Yelp

Regularly monitoring Yelp is essential to take prompt damage control measures in case there are any negative comments. Always be polite and respectful while dealing with dissatisfied customers. Empathize with them. Consider this as an opportunity to convert an unhappy customer to a loyal one.

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