3 Steps to Create the Perfect Landing Pages for Higher PPC Conversions

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All the efforts put in creating great ads will not give the best results, if the clicks just take potential customers to your home page. Instead, if the clicks take customers to custom-build landing pages that give them exactly what they are looking for, it can give a big boost to your conversion rates. For this, you can take help of a PPC company or build the pages on your own. Here are three steps towards the perfect landing pages.


Develop keyword groups for all landing pages


The process of building landing pages is similar to creating ad copies. The first step is keyword research. Find out the terms or phrases being used by your target customers to look for your products/service. Make a list of these words and organize them into groups.


For instance, if your product is an eBook on exercise, your groups can look something like exercise for men, exercise for women, exercise for weight loss and exercise for the elderly.


Now for all these selected keywords (on which you are bidding), create specific landing pages.


Create landing pages with a specific focus

Decide what exactly you want visitors to do, once they land on you page. Design the page with this in mind. You may focus on any one action like feedback, product purchase or newsletter signups.

Optimize your landing page


The keyword phrase, around which the landing page has been built, should be a part of the headline. This is helpful not only for SEO, but also for conversion. You can also use the phrase in page location and include it in your meta tags. Use the keyword to name images and in the call for action as well.


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