Wolf21’s Internet Marketing Nightmares

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Yes I know it’s a play on Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares (which I love), and yes the idea is similar. Growing a business’s bottom line from getting new customers through Internet marketing. No we won’t be having the dramatic scenes of confrontation or dropping the f-bombs, but we will be showing both the online results from Google Analytics, and offline results from keeping notes of how each new customer found the business.

Yes, these will be real companies and yes, we will show real results.

Each business we help may not be hundreds of thousands in debt or on the edge of bankruptcy, but they do realize advertising in in Yellow Pages, magazines, or the local papers is becoming a tougher place to get a return on their investment and the Internet is a massive source of potential new customers.

Like a large proportion of todays business owners they are working hard, focused on running and growing their business. Added to this, they have either dabbled in seo, spending hours glued to their computer getting more confused by the numerous articles, blog posts and forums with all sorts of fast track solutions to get a #1 listing, and changed their web pages countless times hoping one of the changes will show some results.
Don’t have the time to learn how to take advantage of the confusing world of search engine optimization, or the worst stories, where they have parted with thousands of their hard earned money to an SEO company who promised the world and over several months delivered nothing, with the unsuspecting owner having no clue of how to measure anything they have done.

So join us each week and follow our adventures in Internet Marketing Nightmares!

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