Verbatim Search – The Latest Addition to Google’s Search Toolkit

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When it comes to Google’s, change is the only constant.

Since more than 65% of all the internet searches are conducted on Google, the search engine is a favoured destination for people looking for any kind of information. It also means that Google is the search engine of choice for online business or  internet marketing firms trying to promote a product or service.

The complex set of algorithms on which Google is based is tweaked constantly in an effort to provide more accurate results to search queries. The algorithms not only match web pages to typed queries, but also improve and expand search terms with features like synonyms and automatic spelling corrections.

For instance, if you search for ‘uced automobiles’, Google will automatically correct ‘uced’ to ‘used’ and include synonyms of ‘automobiles’ like ‘cars’ in the search results.

In the majority of cases Google updates results to more accurate results, but in rare cases when the searcher is looking for highly specific terms, they can dilute the results.

Earlier the ‘+’ operator was used for specific searches. But the search engine giant realized that the operator was used in less than 0.5% searches. Even when it was used, 2 out of 3 times its usage was incorrect.

To make it easier for users to find specific terms, Google has recently come up with verbatim search.

The Verbatim tool allows you to search for exact keywords without the usual improvements like spelling corrections, inclusion of synonyms, personalization, match with similar terms, making certain terms of your query optional and looking for words with the same stem.

The Verbatim tool is worth a try when looking for highly specific terms. Online businesses should also factor in verbatim search when conducting keyword research.


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