Tis the Season to Adjust Your PPC Campaigns

By On 15, Dec, 2008 |  In: PPC Advertising | Tags: , ,  | 0

The holiday season is upon definitely upon us! Shoppers are just starting their shopping scramble. With maybe a little more emphasis on budget than in previous years, holiday consumers are frantically trying to make up their minds about what to buy for whom. So have you adjusted your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns yet?

ABT (Always Be Testing) is an important rule to follow when it comes to PPC campaigns, and that is never more true than during the holiday season. PPC ad messages need to keep up with and cater to shoppers’ moods and needs. As the countdown to Xmas begins, PPC ads should be evolving daily. And that is pretty much the brilliance of PPC ads, isn’t it? That we really can change our messaging instantly? So, if you haven’t yet, dust off your old PPC campaigns, dive in and start testing. Research shows that Canadians are spending more time shopping online (that includes research and price comparisons) than ever before.

Tired and generic Adwords are not going to cut it. Capture attention online with sale announcements, countdowns, and seasonal merchandise or offerings. Or, you know, let other competitors do it and see how it works for them…

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