Tips to Reduce Web Form Abandonment

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Whether you are an internet marketing firm or the owner of an informational website, there is a chance that you need users to fill some or the other kind of web forms. Consider these tips to ensure that your web forms don’t make people frustrated.


Consider the time required to answer each question


For every question that you include in the form, for instance, the driver’s license number, address and the like, consider the time users may take to find the information and answer it. If the form is a long one, enable users to save their progress so that they do not have to start over because of system timeout.


Develop the web form thoughtfully


Try to make the process of form filling as easy as possible for the users. You can consider using progressive disclosure. For instance, if a particular set of questions is to be answered only by the users owing a bike, you can ask a question like ‘Do you have a bike?’, and reveal the rest of the questions only if the answer is positive.


Too many formatting instructions can be frustrating. Ask for them only if really required. Try to provide detailed and responsive error messages to help users make corrections on the spot and move on.


Avoid asking for information that you don’t really need


Before you include any question in the form, think whether you really need the information. If some kind of information is not absolutely required, but may provide value, ask for such information only if you are providing users some value in return. Strictly avoid asking for information that might be interesting, but not really required.


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