Tips for Mobile Friendly E-mail Campaigns

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Efficacy of email marketing has been proved time and again. Importance of email marketing has increased further with the popularity of mobile internet. Ensuring that your promotional emails are as effective when viewed on mobile as on desktops has become essential. Here are some tips to help you create mobile friendly emails.

Keep it short and simple

Concise and to the point content is recommended, whether the emails are directed at desktop audiences or mobile users. But this is especially important when targeting mobile internet users, as these users are least likely to go through lengthy articles. Short, simple and to-the-point emails work best on mobiles.

Avoid Images

Graphically visual content may give you great results from desktop users, but the same cannot be applied for mobile internet users. It is best to avoid images, they increase loading time and they may be displayed in uncomplimentary fashion in some devices. If you must, ensure that the images included are as small as possible.

Test every aspect of email delivery and display on mobiles

Testing is recommended when directing emails to PC users as well, but in case of mobile, its importance cannot be overemphasized. You need to test all the aspects of delivery and display on different devices. You not only need to test innumerable devices, but also the effects of different email clients and addresses on your emails.

Email marketing is an essential part of internet marketing. Ensuring that your emails are mobile friendly can increase your reach many fold.

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