Tips to Integrate Your Internet Marketing Channels

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Today there are a number of online marketing channels like websites, blogs, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This has brought about many new opportunities and challenges. Integration of the various internet marketing channels is essential to ensure better management and superior results. Here are a few easy integration ideas.


Inform customers about all the available channels of communication


Customer preferences about how and when to receive information differ. To ensure a wide reach for all your messages, inform customers about all the available channels of communication on each platform.


Your website should have clearly visible icons of all your social media outlets. Similarly, your LinkedIn account can have up to three links, for instance, links to your website, blog and Facebook page. The Twitter account can also be linked to your website or blog. By using the Facebook page as an info tab, you can optimize it to include links to your website, blog and twitter account.


Make use of the automatic social media linking tools


Many great automatic syncing tools are available on internet free of cost. Make use of these tools for efficient management of your social media outlets. For instance, can be used to generate automatic tweets about new blog postings. You can get automatic blog feed on your Facebook business page with networked blogs.


Although these tools are very handy for efficient management of multiple social media channels, people may prefer authentic opinions than automatic updates. So even if you use these tools, once in a while do add a personal touch to them.


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