Tips for a Successful Mobile PPC Campaign

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With the increase in the number of people using internet enabled mobiles, mobile search is rapidly gaining popularity. For many businesses, especially local businesses, mobile PPC is definitely worth consideration. However, you need to remember that mobile searches differ from traditional searches on desktops. Keywords used by internet users for searches on mobiles and on desktops may differ. People conducting searches on mobiles are usually on the go, and the keywords used may be more location based.

You can use the Google keyword tool to get an idea about the keywords being used for mobile searches. The tool offers volumetric data for the keywords being used by your target customers. The data is based on the mobile searches conducted on the Google search engine. The tool is easy to use. You just need to enter your keyword in the ‘phrase’ box, and you can negate undesired words for better results. Google keyword tool can provide a lot of useful information but for an unbiased picture, its best to use multiple keyword research tools.

When considering PPC advertising on mobile, you need to take the differences between mobile and desktop searches into account. You need a separate mobile internet marketing plan. You can’t expect good results just by using the same ads and keywords that you used for PPC advertising on desktops. The ads and keywords need to be tailored to suit mobiles. You can never overdo testing as far as PPC advertising on mobiles is concerned. You not only need to test your ads on different devices, but also test different ad element combinations and effects of different browsers on your ad display.

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