Using Testimonials for Increasing Conversion Rate

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Increase Conversion RateA major factor that determines your website’s conversion rate is its credibility. Customers who visit your site can comfortably share personal details and make online purchases when your site is professional and reliable. Testimonials, which are an integral part of your website design, can add value to your site and also improve it’s conversion rate.


By posting good testimonials, that emphasize your company’s strengths and your products’ benefits, you can attract the customer’s attention and gain their trust too. One of the reasons customers read testimonials is that they are genuine third party evaluations of your products and services. So, including an exclusive testimonials column or page, which posts customers’ opinion in their own words, in your website is very important.


There are two ways to collect good testimonials directly from customers. One way is to use customer appreciation emails and the other is to ask for their feedback through the website. When a customer is kind enough to drop you a note on how good your products or services are, respond to them and seek their permission to use an excerpt from the mail for marketing on your website.


Another way is to ask for their evaluation of your product either by having a feedback form on your website or by emailing it to them. In case you have a service business, provide a feedback column in your service invoice and take their permission to use a citation from it in the testimonial section of your website. Recommendations from experts and influential people of the industry can make a positive impact when added to testimonials.

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