Strategies to Target Social Media Users and Guide Their Consumer Behavior

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Today, it is impossible for marketers to ignore social media. A majority of internet users trust information on social media and review sites more than paid ads. Popular review sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, Epinions, Yahoo Shopping and the like attract a large number of consumer queries. Other than the review sites, information on Facebook updates, tweets etc also play an important role in guiding consumer behavior of social media users.

Strategies to target social media users and influence their consumer behavior can give a significant boost to your sales.

Keep an eye on your online mention

Monitoring your brand’s online mention can provide a lot of useful information. Find out what according to the customers are your brand’s biggest assets as well as major concerns. This data can help you in improving your customer service, product development operations, media strategy, marketing communications and much more.

Identify the road blocks

Monitoring social conversations also helps you identify the obstacles in your purchase cycle. You will be able to assess customer sentiments about the options offered by you and the changes or addition desired by them.

Make use of search engines to guide consumer behavior

Various seo sem marketing tactics can help you influence consumer behavior. For instance, you can make use of alternative keywords, which include your brand name and modifiers like reviews. You can also use AdWords seller rating extensions to display your record to the searchers. One of the most effective strategies is to include customer testimonials in your ad copy and offer customers some incentive to make a purchase.

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