Use Your Listening Skills to Determine Your Best Social Media Platform

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This weekend, I headed down to UWO to watch my daughter play flag football for Huron University College. After they won the morning game, the coach told the team that he would Facebook them as soon as he learned the time of their next payoff game.

So as a partner in an seo company, I couldn’t help but ask the a few of the girls on the team about Twitter. Most of the group didn’t use Twitter but many were considering it because they had overheard one of the Huron alumni tell their coach that he had followed the recent Queens, UWO football game on Twitter.

The conversation summed up the social media demographics in a nutshell.

University students = Facebook
AlumniĀ  (shall we say slightly older) = Twitter

Twitter is still in the early stages and it is still quite spammy but don’t underestimate the power of Twitter orĀ  you may get arrested! It can be a tremendous crowd sourcing tool as well as one of the best real time search platforms.

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