Remarketing – Are you getting the most out of your PPC campaign?

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remarketingFor some time, many marketers have relied on the search network to drive PPC traffic on Google cost-effectively to their Websites and landing pages. Moreover, display and search advertising were basically treated as two separate campaigns. To help fix this problem, Google improved on their display network by launching remarketing functionality in 2010. For those of you who are not familiar with retargeting, it’s marketing that is directed to getting those who already visited your site to come back. Too often, visitors find information they need without taking the action you want – like making a purchase or providing contact information.

Google’s retargeting solution called Remarketing helps you properly integrate your search and display advertising, while providing assistance in increasing conversion through the sales cycle.

If you are running a lead generation campaign, when a prospect goes to your site but doesn’t opt-in to become a lead through your search network campaign or organically, you can promote your free eBook or other relevant value creation offering through the display network. And you can base it on specific products that they are looking at, so it’s even more relevant.

For example, as an Internet marketing firm, if someone visits our social media page on our Website, then visits a different Website, we can display an offer to download a free social media eBook. To continue to move prospects through the sales funnel, we could then promote upcoming events to those who have reached the thank you page of our eBook, to have the prospects attend an event that includes a sales presentation.

The key to success in PPC today is utilizing both the search and retargeting functionality as an integrated campaign while understanding the importance of your banner design and landing page strategy.

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