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I attended a 30 minute session on driving traffic to your website last week.

The entire presentation was built around Google adwords. In fairness to the presenter, 30 minutes is barely enough time for introductions, never mind a detailed presentation on Google, Yahoo and MSN. And the fact is that Google dominates the pay per click (PPC) market, so if you are going to talk aboout PPC, you have to talk about Google.

I was , however, suprised at how the presenter blew off yellow pages advertising and search engine optimization in the Q and A session.

The facts are that approximately approximatley 70% of search engine clicks are made on organic listings. Even if you don’t want to spend the money on SEO (search engine optimization), you should at least do the basics. Basic SEO info can be found all over the internet, just search for free SEO tips.

Print yellow pages is still the main resource for local searches. That’s right , print yellow pages. Keep in mind that results are industry specific. You may need a full page ad if you are an attorney but if you are renting computers, all you need is a listing or small space ad.

Don’t be fooled by someone who only sells only PPC or only SEO or only Yellow Pages™. Chances are they are looking out for themselves and not for you. Do your homework, take responsibility for your own business.

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