Have Marketers Grasped the Importance of Personalization in Online Marketing?

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It’s the age of personalized marketing, especially in case of digital marketing. Marketing without proper segmentation and targeting fails to impress customers today. Such marketing may end up harming your business rather than giving it a boost. A survey was conducted recently to find out if marketers have actually grasped the importance of personalization in marketing. The survey tried to find out the percentage of marketers trying to provide customers a personalized experience through different marketing tactics.

Email topped the list of personalized marketing tactics with 72.2% of the marketers in the survey saying that they tried to offer personalized customer experience through email. Personalization of other media like direct mail, websites and social media lagged behind at 58.4%, 56.0% and 53.0% respectively. However, only 8.9% marketers in the survey said that they did not personalize marketing through any of these channels. This makes it clear that a majority of marketers understand the importance of personalization in marketing tactics.

Further analyzing email marketing personalization; 42.9% of marketers in the survey using personalized email marketing tactics segment audiences with different messages. 25.7% send emails with basic personalization, 18.4% send emails on mass basis while only 13.0% delivered emails based on individual customer preferences with real time monitoring. Although marketers seem to understand the need for personalization and risks of mass marketing, 25.7% marketers in the survey used an email blast with basic personalization, which is usually not enough to interest customers. While most marketers claim to be working on better personalization for effective internet marketing, some marketers still don’t know where to start.

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