Have You Optimized Your Social Pages for Search?

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Social media has become an integral part of the overall marketing-mix for most companies. Today it is not just a platform for connecting with friends and family, but a really effective medium for internet marketing. With the increase in the amount of time spent by people on social networking, the importance of social media for web marketers is also increasing.

Regardless of the size, a majority of companies have profiles on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social media marketing success requires a lot of time and effort. It involves activities like content creation and distribution among followers, organization of games and contests, facilitating conversations, in short, increasing the level of engagement.

Even after putting in so much effort you won’t get desired results, if searchers are unable to find your pages with ease. Just as you optimize your website to ensure that relevant searchers are able to find it with ease, search engine optimization marketing is important for your social pages as well. But even big organizations are ignoring this fact.

Results of a study conducted by BrightEdge shows that among the top 200 brands in the fortune 500, Facebook pages of only 1/3rd brands could be found in the top 20 results when searching for the brand. Facebook pages of almost 50% of these brands didn’t even appear in the top 40 results. The results were similar for Twitter profiles as well.

Optimizing your social pages has many benefits. SEO strategies used for optimizing your web pages can be used to boost the search ranking of your social pages as well.  Ensuring that your social pages are updated regularly is also important for higher search ranking.

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