Life or Death of Twitter?

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Twitter is the new word being thrown around on the street. Why? Because celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Oprah have been spreading the news about the newly loved mico-blogging platform. But as Twitter’s followers grow, so does the fear that this popularity might be the end of it.

As Twitter grows so does the spam community. Spammers are floading the twitter stream with keywords and spammy links. They are creating fake RT’s by tweeting that a certain celebrity or person has tweeted a message so their followers will think it’s legitimate and follow the link which will then lead to spam. The other issue with twitter is that tinyurls hide the real links identity and can then lead anybody to anywhere without you knowing it. Spammers are taking advantage of this and creating unease amongst the Twitter community.

People have found it funny to use hashtags inappropriately especially when it has come to conferences using twitter for feedback or questions. They post inappropriate sayings and disrupt the feed of the conference. Not only are people abusing this but cons and scams are becoming more popular as people are invading Twitter and trying to get money out of people. Identity theft is also a concern as squatters are taking companies names and either misusing them or wanting money for them.

The biggest issue is Trojans and worms. The stalk daily worm attack created by a 17 year old infected many accounts. As people are misusing Twitter, it is slowly killing the popular social media site.

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