Latest Changes at Twitter in Favor of Marketers

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Twitter LogoTwitter is making things easier for companies trying to promote their offerings, as well as internet marketing firms. With the recent changes in the popular social networking platform, users will now be able to see promoted tweets at the top of their timeline, regardless of the actual time of the tweet. According to Twitter, this will enhance user experience by offering the latest information on the brands they are interested in. In any case, the change is in the favor of marketers because it means more visibility.

Twitter has made it clear that users will see promoted tweets only from the brands that they follow. Like all other tweets, these tweets too will appear just once and scroll through the timeline. Users can choose to dismiss the tweet with a single click. Twitter will test the new offering over the next few weeks with a limited group of partners like Dell, HBO, Groupon, Best Western, LivingSocial, Starbucks, Microsoft Xbox, JetBlue and Red Bull.

Twitter also upgraded its search engine last week. Now when you enter a keyword in the search box, the new Twitter interface displays results on the left side and their details on the right side of the screen. As ‘top tweets’ are a default setting for the new search, users will have to select the ‘all tweets’ option for a complete picture. But loading more tweets can take some time. On the plus side, the details panel allows you to get information on tweeters without visiting individual pages. You can even watch linked videos on the results page itself. This can make Twitter management much more efficient.

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