Need to Integrate Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Efforts

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A recent report from Experian Hitwise revealed the ten most visited sites of 2010 and the ten most searched terms of 2010. The report gives some interesting insights for better internet marketing in 2011.

The ten most popular sites included,,,,,,,, and The most searched terms for 2010 were Facebook login, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Yahoo, eBay, Craigslist,, Mapquest and

The list indicates that a large number of people prefer to go to social media sites like Facebook, YouTube or MySpace through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc  instead of directly typing the  particular social media site’s URL. In short, a large majority of internet users integrate the usage of search engines and social media. Internet marketers need to take a note of this.

For successful internet marketing it is important to understand the habits of internet users and use this knowledge for effective marketing. Search engine marketing and social media marketing are usually considered as separate categories and are normally handled by separate groups. Integration of search engines and social media by users points out that the marketing efforts on search engines and social media also need to go hand in hand. This may require some reorganization in marketing department but will definitely prove profitable. For a successful marketing campaign in year 2011. make sure that your search engine and social media marketing efforts are well-coordinated.

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