Improve Efficiency by Placing Ads on Long-Tail Websites

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paid searchAdvertising is one of the most popular methods of internet marketing. But most advertisers tend to ignore less-trafficked sites when planning online advertising campaigns. Recently Contextweb, a conceptual targeting company, conducted a comparative study of difference in click-through-rates (CTRs) for the ads placed on long-tail website ads vs. those placed on top websites. The results of the study indicate that neglecting less-trafficked sites may be a mistake.


According to the research findings, long-tail website ads have a significantly higher CTR compared to those on the larger web properties. The study covered over 1,000 online ad campaigns across around 18,000 publisher sites. Higher CTRs were found across majority of industries and content categories.


The highest lift in CTRs, up to 50%, was observed in the alcohol ads. Ads related to charity, B2B, health, quick-serve restaurants, education, travel, energy, public services and career respectively enjoyed lifts of around 48%, 48%, 43%, 39%, 38%, 35%, 34%, 30% and 26% when placed on long-tail websites.


Based on the content category, highest lift in CTRs, 64%, was observed in education segment. Categories like technology and computing, hobbies and games, society, style and fashion, travel, food and drink, sports and recreation, and science witnessed a lift of 57%, 49%, 47%, 46%, 44%, 43%, 34% and 31% respectively.


On an average, CTRs for long-tail website ads were found to be 24% higher. Negative lift was observed in few categories like home and garden, pets, arts and entertainment, automotive, and parenting and family. But, with the big drop in advertising costs, even negative lift can mean more efficient ads.


Although larger web properties are important, especially for branding, considering long-tail websites might also be a good idea.


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