Google Chrome Tools for SEO

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Google Chrome is fast and light and its rapidly increasing market share is indicative of its popularity with users. Chrome also has a great collection of some very useful extensions or add-ons. Here is a list of the best Google Chrome Extensions that form an important part of an SEO company’s repertoire.

SEO Site Tools: SEO site tools has a huge amount of information divided into six sections like External page data, Page Elements, Page tools, Social media, Domain info and Suggestions.

Firebug: This tool enables you to evaluate web pages and all the meta information contained in them. You can use it on your own site or even on a competitor’s site. This tool is however not for amateurs.

SEO SERP: With this tool, you can conveniently and quickly find out your search ranking for a particular term. It’s great for those who need to constantly keep track of their search rankings.

Note AnyWhere: This tool is like an online ‘post-it’. It enables you to leave a note on any web page. So when you return to the page you can conveniently start out from where you left. URL Shortener: As the name suggests, with this tool you can quickly shorten a URL and add it anywhere with ease.

There are many other Google Chrome Extensions that you can use in your SEO efforts, but these five are among the best. You can find some more useful Google Chrome extensions here.

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