What Google+ Brand Pages Mean for Businesses

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Google+ Brand Pages

Ever since the launch of Google+ in 2011, the online marketing industry has been abuzz with discussions over its potential. Until recently the platform was open only to end users, but the long awaited Google+ business pages have been finally launched. Regardless of the popular opinion, the search giant remains confident about the platform. According to the vice president for Google+ products, brands will notice the platform’s potential and tailor their marketing plans based on it.

Creating a brand page on Google+ is simple and quick. You just need to signup and login as an individual and click on ‘Create a Google+ Page’ button. You can choose a category that best suits your business from a list of five which includes- company, institution or organization; product or brand; arts, entertainment or sports; place or local business and others. The platform also allows you to select an appropriate age group.

You can customize your brand page by adding a tag line, logo, images and ‘About Page’. You also have the option of including links to your social profiles on YouTube or Facebook. Adding your firm to Google+ Direct Connect is also a good idea.

At present there are a number of big players in the social space. Facebook boasts over 800 million active users, while Twitter and LinkedIn respectively have over 200 million and 120 million users to their credit. It remains to be seen whether the search giant is able to make it big in the crowded and highly competitive realm of social media marketing. Although it is too early to predict the future of Google+, the platform does offer some very interesting features.

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