How to Encourage Customers to Open Your E-mail

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E-mail marketing, a crucial part of internet marketing, can be rewarding in that if you use it to communicate important information with your subscribers and customers, they can consider you a reliable company. When this happens, they will be likely to continue with the service or products you provide. So, it is important that your e-mails are opened and read by them.


A key factor that can encourage your customers and subscribers to open your e-mails is its subject line. When you employ an effective e-mail subject line, you can increase both, the open rates and click through rates (CTRs) of your next e-mail.


An effective way to achieve this is to personalize the subject line. When you do this, you will get the recipient’s attention. One way, is to use the customer’s name. Next, add details that pertain to him, like the city he lives in. Another way to personalize the e-mail’s subject line is to include an offer that pertains to what the customer wants at that time. So, it should ideally be timely and important to the customer.


You can achieve this by segmenting your market and gathering data on the preferences of each customer on your mailing list. The easiest and most effective way is to use a tool capable of merging and managing date to generate e-mail campaigns that are targeted.


Another way to get your customers interested in the subject line is to keep it concise. This can lead to higher open rates and higher CTRs. An exception to this is if you are sending an e-mail that alerts the recipient about information that can be downloaded or a subscription product that is offered on a regular basis.


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