Will Cell Phone Services Be Google’s Next Conquest?

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Google is not just a search engine anymore. Today it provides a wide range of online services. But will Google stop on reaching the limits of search engine and net services space? Definitely not if we are to go by its past record. What can be the next logical venture for Google? Cell phone service is among the top options. According to CNN Money, the search engine giant already has most pieces in place for a cell phone service company.

The factors in favor of Google for starting a cellular service company include the Android OS, Google’s collaboration with Samsung for creating phones, and Google Voice.

Many people are already using and are familiar with the features and interface of Google’s new operating system Android. This puts Google in an advantageous position to start with. The experience gained during its extensive collaboration with Samsung for creating phones Nexus one and Nexus S will also come in handy for Google. One more factor in favor of Google for starting a phone service company is Google Voice which is a ready to use online phone service. Google Voice is popular with over a million active users and has many more registered users.

Other than these, the Wi-Fi accessibility as well as the gigabit internet connection which are results of Google’s technology experiments can be unique advantages for the company as a cell phone service provider. A full fledged network for cell phone services will be a huge investment as well as commitment for Google but it is one of the feasible options for Google for further expansion. Moreover, Google’s expertise in all forms of marketing, especially internet marketing will ensure the success of such a venture.

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