Bad economy = SEO success

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On Tuesday I spent the day at Search Engine Strategies Toronto 2009, helping Max Haroon in the Society of Internet Professionals booth, I was was really surprised with the lack of foot traffic coming into the Expo Hall, I mean it was quiet.
During the times while the crowd were in the learning sessions I chatted to some of the other vendors. The common answer I heard was “there was 5 times the traffic last year”.
As I was working in a booth I could attend a seminar for free, so I chose ‘Extreme Makeover: Live Site Clinic’, last session of the day and it could have potential clients looking for SEO help. I walked into a 300 seater room to see 20-30 people attending, that’s a lot of empty seats and it’s not as though the content was bad, it was very good. The panel ruffled a few feathers with their comments, but they were honest.

What everyone is missing is, this is the time to win in the search engines, whilst everyone else is cutting their Internet marketing budgets and slowing down, your SEO company should be picking up and gaining that hard earned ground in the search results, this will pay off 10 fold when the economy picks up and you are at the top for your key words!

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