3 Handy Tools to Keep Track of Your Twitter Followers

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Today web traffic marketing is incomplete without social media marketing, which in turn is incomplete without Twitter. Unlike other social networking sites, it’s an open chat format that lets you connect and communicate with anyone and everyone. Connection of your mutual friends alone can help you build an impressive number of followers. As a result, you may need some help to organize and keep track of all the people who follow you and vise versa. Here are 3 Twitter track tools to help you do this.


Most people believe that they need to follow back the people who follow them. You may follow this etiquette, but it can result in the number of people in your network getting out of hand. FriendOrFollow can help you keep track of everyone in your network. By entering your Twitter username, this tool allows you to take a look at all the people you follow and your followers.


Although you may think that you need to follow back every person who follows you, it is not always necessary. Following people you are not interested in can result in wastage of time.  Tweepler enables you to separate people you are interested in following from others. All you need to do is put the people you wish to follow in one bucket and others in another bucket.


TwitterKarma is another simple application that enables you to see the people you follow as well as your followers. Red and green arrows indicate who is following whom. This is a great tool to avoid clutter and directly go to the latest posts as it allows you to choose people you want to see based on actions like the new people on your list or those who have updated recently.

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  • Hi!
    I just read your post (about followers) and some info. on Twitter’s website about visitors statistics. Is there any third party engine that gives info. about visitors (specially non-followers) in a Twitter account (IP location, time spent on the account by the visitor, etc)? Or does the Twitter gives away this type of info to the account holders? Please, reply me when you have time. THANKS.

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