10 Additional Tips to Shoot an Outstanding Video

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As discussed earlier this week, one of our colleagues attended Jeff Walker’s Internet marketing event over the weekend, which was fantastic. One of the guest speakers at the event was David Lawrence, who is currently acting in the TV series Heroes. David presented some great tips on shooting videos for Internet marketing.

Earlier this week, as an Internet marketing company, we covered 10 key tips that David covered. Below you will find 10 additional tips. Let’s jump into them:

1. Tell Stories
People connect with people. Stories have been told throughout our lives. So, in addition to providing helpful information to your audience, tell stories to make it more personal.

2. Speak with Authority
It’s one thing to connect with your audience. It’s another to be believable. So, speak with confidence and authority. If you know your stuff, show it. But, don’t be aggressive.

3. Form a Contrast
When presenting, form a contrast between the points that you are making, so people remain connected and understand the points that you are emphasizing. Using a stronger tone and body language is a great way to achieve this.

4. Use Humor
Remember when we spoke about the importance of telling a story and not simply providing information? Humor is another great tool to use to help you and your audience connect.

5. Write for the Ear
One of the mistakes that many people make is that, when writing their video script, they write like they would if writing an essay. The way we speak and write are very different, so when writing your script, write for your audiences ears. Your script should be written with short points because that’s how we talk. And read your script out loud to determine how it sounds.

6. Use Visuals
A great way to support your story and the information that you’re providing is with visuals such as a presentation or white board.

7. Stand on the Right Side
If you are shooting a video, whether you are using visuals or not, stand in the center or the right side of the video. The reason why is because people read left to right. If you are on the left side of the screen, they will end looking at a blank space or your visuals. You want the emphasis on you.

8. Sit on the Right Side
Ever notice that, when you are watching someone get interviewed on TV, the presenter is always on the right side. This is because it is the position of authority. So, if you are interviewing someone, sit on the right side.

9. Get Up Slowly
If you are sitting and you want to stand up, stand up slowly when you are on video. Why? Because if someone is videoing your presentation, they will not be able to follow and keep up with your movement. This does not mean, however, that you should talk as slow as you stand up, so practice this for your presentation. It’s actually a difficult thing to do.

10. Don’t Use Your Camera’s Audio
Audio is such an important part of your video presentation. Videos are designed to capture video and the built-in microphones are not very good. To get better quality audio, try using an external microphone.

In total, we’ve covered 20 tips on developing a great video. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

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