SEO Copywriting For ‘Newbies’ – Day 3: Thank God for Google!

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On Day 3 of my new gig as an SEO copywriter I learned Google had acquired the major search engine optimization firm, Performics Search Marketing, as a part of its 2007 acquisition of Double Click. (Did I mention I was a ‘newbie’ at SEO copywriting?) That Google, the dominant search engine, would operate one of the leading SEO firms suddenly felt like “déja vu all over again,” to quote the great sage, and erstwhile Yankees catcher, Yogi Berra. (Berra was either an enlightened man, living up to his moniker, or a man who was very, very confused by things. In the end….is there much difference?…..)

Just as I’m getting started, it suddenly felt like the fix was in….Then my boss informs me Google’s announced it will sell Performics….Whew! I’m so-ooo new at this…..Maybe there is time and a place for an aspiring recovered-former- lawyer-turned-SEO-copywriter-wannabe to learn the tricks of this trade before the big fish eat all the minnows in the pond….Hey! What’s that big-mouth bass doing in the shallows? I thought they only hung out in the deep holes….

For a newcomer’s analysis of how Google’s announced divestiture of Performics is good news for the SEO industry and players in the local search market go to the full article of Thank God for Google! at

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