Video: How to take Advantage of Google’s Recent Updates to Improve Your SEO Results

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Hi, this is Michael Cloke from Wolf21.
I just want to grab a couple of seconds to tell you about this video. I’m really excited to show this to you, because we spent a bit of time researching things and looking into what’s happening with some of the changes happening in Google recently and these are pretty big changes and these are really things that you can take advantage of today and really make some good gains in your industry and improve search engine results, please watch the video through and see how we’ve presented this and go ahead and and make this start happening in your business today and you will see some really good gains in your results and some really good increases in your traffic, so listen I’ve had fun making this video for you and I really hope you enjoy watching it.

Okay, like I said there are changes starting at Google and these changes are in there algorithm and search results and these changes seriously they could be a big impact in your business if you do them right and get into this early. The days of people putting up websites and building hundreds of links those days are going to be soon numbered. What Google have done is they have realized search results can be manipulated by those bad SEO guys. So how are they going to combat this? How are they going to build more trust into their algorithm? What are they going to do to give more credit to leaders in their field or niche? What really google is looking at one thing, and what they are looking at today is social proof, because what social proof is doing it’s really showing them some interesting data this is people click on the +1  the share, like and retweet button. This is people saying that this blog post or piece of news is good stuff and I want to share this with my friends and this is the new way to get into the top search results in Google.

Now, as I say social reviews in search engine algorithms isn’t new, Bing partnered with Facebook earlier this year and they became big partners as Google was trying to fight against them. Google has been using Facebook shares like and twitter re-tweets in their algorithm, which again shows content that people are sharing they are starting to appreciate this. But ere is the big deal that has come out in the last two month and this is Google+ their own social media platform, now what took Facebook close to three years in getting to 25,000,00 users Google has done in close to two months, so this is going to be a powerful system the predictions are that Google+ will the the #2 social media site within 12 months and could over take Facebook, lets see. Now with that sort of uptake it’s pretty scary, if you take a look at my previous blog post it shows the actual graph of the uptake, it’s pretty fast.

Now they want us to use it and they want to reward us for using it. By giving us author rank which is like page rank I mean page rank is Google’s way of saying it’s a good page a lot of it’s built through linking and trust factors, but again they want to associate this type of rank with an individual with a person. So what are you going to do, how do you take advantage of author rank? You need to find a champion in your company, and we are saying a senior person reason being obviously a senior person has been with the company for some time , they have a lot of history and also they aren’t going  nowhere too quickly, because this person is going to be now associated with this company and they have to start writing great content on obviously what the company is doing and what’s happening in their industry as we were saying great thought leader in that area. Now this is the big thing the number of time this persons content is +1ed or shared provides clarity to Google regarding the quality of the post, the level of thought leadership and as a result they will be rewarded and they will be rewarded by their ranking within the search engine, because people are saying this is great stuff and lets share it. Google is going okay if you like it we are going to show everyone else this good stuff.

So what do you need to do? Or what do you need to do on your website?
Well I am hoping you have a blog, if not install WordPress, it’s FREE and it’s probably the most common system out there today. it has great plug-ins sand everything else, next get a Google+ account which is only by invite, so, if you need help with this send me an email and we will help you out. Now what happens is you need to tie your blog and your Google+ account together. This is done through some pieces of code, which I haven’t put it in here, we will do another video on this. Now, this is the way Google ties everything together, so this is is the way Google understand the blog post you’ve done and will now associate that with you as a person in your Google+ account. Next thing you have to do is add your social media buttons to your blog posts your +1, Facebook, re-Tweet, even LinkedIn and then invite people click on those buttons will increase the quality score and the ranking of those posts.

Now i’ve used Matt Cutts as an example, but as you can see his picture comes up against the blog post. So this avatar and this can actually increase the click through rate, so being #3 in the search results with a profile picture may soon get the #1 click through rate. That’s a big deal, #1 use to be 60% plus of the clicks, now we may start seeing a whole different picture with what’s going on. As you can see where does your eye go, your eye goes straight to that picture and you could possibly influence by clicking in that picture, so now you can see the power of these changes.

Remember this isn’t the silver bullet, SEO, link building isn’t dead, it’s really, this is an addition to Google’s algorithm and this isn’t fully implemented today, this is going to take a little bit of time to come out, obviously Google+ is in beta, they are still fiddling with stuff in there, still updating code and stuff like that, just think of this as an addition to what you are doing and an addition to SEO, really for you, what I am saying is get in the game early and this could really get a jump start on your competition, I am telling you nobody really knows about this, it’s that new, this is where you can really kill.

Hey, I hope you enjoyed this video, I had a great time making it for you if you want to stay on top of Internet Marketing here is what I’s like you to do. Share this video or share blog post that would be great. Then put your email in the subscribe box to the right or click on the orange RSS button to have this news populate into your favorite RSS reader or your Google reader and don’t forget to download one of our ebooks and really get a jump start on your competition.


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