Website Evaluation: A Sound Plan for Improving your Site

When planning updates to their Web sites, business owners are often unsure where to start or what changes are most important. Many do not even know what the real weaknesses of their sites are and are concerned about the end cost. A Wolf21 website evaluation can help.

Very few businesses stick with the first version of their website design. What are the incentives for change? Some businesses may realize that their site isn’t performing as well as it could. Some may want to freshen their image. Most find that modifications are necessary to keep up with the almost constant changes on the Web. Whatever the reason, many businesses recognize the need for regular revisions of their web sites.

What’s Involved in a Website Evaluation?

A website evaluation is a comprehensive examination of your Website that reviews structure, content appearance and usability. As part of the assessment, we look at how your site performs in relation to its closest competitors and how successful its keyword strategy is. We also evaluate your site from an marketing perspective. Here’s an outline of some of the things we examine in a website evaluation:

  • Structure – Site structure must not inhibit search engine spiders from finding and navigating the entire site. Our website evaluation checks your site structure for any problems that might be inadvertently blocking the spiders. We also verify your site map and make sure that links work and check that your pages are not too slow to load.
  • Content – Web site content is an important component of successful search engine rankings. We review your content to ensure it does all it can do to attract search engines.
  • Appearance – Your Web site plays a big part in the branding of your business. Its appearance must not take away from your image. Our website evaluation will evaluate your site in terms of consistency with other marketing materials and its ability to appeal to your home or target market.
  • Usability – Users become frustrated by sites that are hard to navigate. They will often seek out a competitor rather than struggle with a difficult site. We make sure that your navigation and other visual aspects of your site provide visitors with a pleasant experience.
  • Competition – Our website evaluation compares your standing with other companies in your category of business so you can see where you are in relation to your competitors.
  • Keywords – We provide a thorough review of your keywords. Keyword analysis is important in determining how to improve search engine rankings with free and paid resources.
  • Marketing – Does your site speak to your target audience? Does it communicate your value proposition and provide a clear call to action? Our website evaluation will answer these questions and many more as we review its effectiveness as a marketing tool for your business.

Why Choose Wolf21?

We have the right combination of skills and experience to analyze and test your Website. Our website evaluation policy incorporates our Internet marketingknowledge of SEO, keyword research, site structure and content analysis, along with our expertise in advertising and marketing education.