Analytics Consultant – Seeing The Forest Through The Trees

An analytics consultant can tell you where you are now in terms of traffic volume and conversion rate. The same analytics can also point out a strategy for the future. You’ve invested time and effort in a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Now you want to know if all that work has paid off. What do you do? You could search for your company to see how high you rank with the major search engines. That would be fine, if the only analytics you cared about was where you are positioned on Google or Yahoo for a few keyword phrases. What if you want to plan for future growth? What about finding untapped markets? Do you know how much internet marketing analytics can do to help you develop your business and expand your reach? Analysis involves more than just rankings.

Wolf21 Analytics

Internet marketing analytics are a valuable part of a Wolf21 search engine optimization campaign. We use industry leading Google Analytics software to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. Here’s an overview of how it works.

As its name implies, Google Analytics records the “clicks” of your site’s visitors. It can tell us how long a visitor stayed, where they clicked, and even how much revenue they generated. Google Analytics also gives us detailed results about the keywords used in pay per click campaigns vs natural search, what pages are the most popular, even what country your visitors live in and the computer they use.

Another feature of analytics software is its focus on the effectiveness of keywords and link building strategies for your site as a whole, and for each page on your site.

Keyword analysis is critical for learning how people find your site. It is also essential for tracking the so-called “long tail keywords”, or non–branded searches, that may have been used to find your site. Those are the highly specific, brand independent (and sometimes obscure) keywords that have led people to your site. Long tail keywords have become the focus of many an SEO campaign because of their potential to bring highly motivated buyers to a site. Good analytics will help you move ahead with these new avenues for optimization.

Wolf21 web analytics consultants use Google Analytics reports to create a thorough analysis of the ROI from your SEO or Pay Per Click advertising campaign. We can provide you with a wide range of statistics, including total revenue and conversion rates.

Analytics Consultant: Part of Your Growth Strategy

Reviewing SEO analytics is one thing. Knowing how to use the data is another. Converting statistics into the knowledge required for an effective search engine optimization strategy takes specialized expertise. It also takes time and focus.

At Wolf21, we have that expertise and focus. We use our analytics consultants to track search engine traffic and to study and determine which keywords are performing the best. With our analytics, you’ll know when the major search engines have indexed your site and what that means for your site’s traffic.