(PPC) Pay Per Click Training – Dominate Your Competition

Many small to medium enterprises (SMEs) have considered using a portion of their limited advertising budgets to tap into the vast market of the internet. But the choices for paid internet advertising can be overwhelming, to say the least. And without enough capital to pay an agency for a full campaign, SMEs often fall behind in their efforts to gain a successful online presence.

Not anymore. Wolf21’s pay per click training gives SMEs the knowledge and expertise they need to develop a successful pay per click advertising campaign on their own.

Pay Per Click Training That Makes Sense

These concepts, all vital components of pay per click advertising, often confound the novice.

  • Keyword strategy
  • Cost per click
  • Bid management
  • ROI tracking and analysis

Wolf21 pay per click training breaks these concepts down into manageable, easy–to–understand terms. We use real–life examples to demonstrate the importance of keywords, bids and ROI and their role in pay per click advertising with the major search engines;Google, Yahoo! or MSN.

At Wolf21, we keep current on what trends are driving pay per click advertising. Our pay per click training course features a session on what is new and how you can adapt your pay per click campaign to capitalize on the latest developments in pay per click advertising.

Our focus on SMEs makes our pay per click training the best around. We speak your language. We understand your needs. And, most importantly, we have designed our pay per click training to give you the expertise to compete in the online world with enterprises of all sizes.

Our pay per click training covers:

  • Overall online marketing concepts
  • Marketing needs and concerns of SMEs
  • Getting the most bang for your internet advertising buck
  • Why SMES can benefit from pay per click advertising
  • Developing a pay per click marketing plan
  • Keywords – how to select and continue to add good keywords
  • Bid management account
  • Determining cost per click (CPC)
  • Improving ROI through reduced CPC
  • Copywriting and ad design
  • Tracking and analysis
  • Current news about pay per click

Wolf21 pay per click training is presented by expert educators and advertising professionals with years of experience in online and search engine marketing.

Other Advantages of Pay per Click Training

Besides cost, there are other advantages to taking our pay per click training course.

Pay per click training gives you the knowledge you need to develop your own paid advertising campaign, without the added expense of an ad agency fees.

By creating your own campaign, you have the freedom to send your campaign in any direction you choose. You can experiment with new advertising initiatives without additional ad agency fees.

Pay per click training also gives you an edge over your competition. Using your knowledge of pay per click advertising, you’ll be able to adapt to the ever–changing landscape of the web faster than your competitors. Pay per click training gives you the insider tips you’ll need to create successful ads that lower your cost per click and increase your ROI.