Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

You may have read an article on pay per click (PPC) management. You may also have heard that it is very expensive. The reality is that pay per click advertising can be economical if it is done right.

Wolf21 is a leader in pay per click management strategies. Our industry knowledge translates into ppc management plans that drive down your costs and drive up your revenues. Our comprehensive PPC management campaigns include keyword research, bid management and campaign analysis.

With Wolf21, you’ll know exactly how much you’ve spent on pay per click advertising and what that expenditure has added to your site visits, conversion rates and overall revenue.

Benefits of Pay Per Click

  • Targeting Accuracy
  • Pre–Qualified Customers
  • Performance–based Marketing
  • Complete Budget Control

Evolution of PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising began by having companies bid on keywords that related to their sites. Companies with higher bids would appear first in paid rankings, a sign of things to come. On the surface, it may seem that pay per click advertising would allow companies with deep pockets to place high bids on popular keywords just to drive traffic to their sites, but this has never been the case. Keyword relevance to a PPC ad has always been in a factor in paid rankings.

As pay per click management has evolved, major pay per click engines, like Google and Yahoo, have begun giving more weight to keyword relevance. We can look to Google as an example of this trend. Minimum bids for keywords on Google are now determined by a Quality Score, that is, a prediction of the relevance of an ad in relation to a keyword.

The Google Quality Score is based on historical keyword performance among all advertisers and the performance of the ad from a specific advertiser. Quality Scores also factor in the relevance of the text in the ad.

What does all of this mean to you? Cost savings. Under the Google scheme, ads with a high Quality Score will end up paying less than higher bidders who provide poor quality ad content. The Quality Score will be updated and ads that continue to perform well will see further reductions in the minimum bid, while ads that don’t do well will see an increase in the minimum bid.

Successful PPC Management

Pay per click management offers you the chance to reach high quality prospects and customers quickly. Unlike search engine optimization, ppc management does not require a large investment of time for writing good content about your product or starting a link building campaign.

But if it is not done right, pay per click management can be a costly exercise. The keys to a cost–effective and successful pay per click advertising campaign are a sound keyword strategy and strong analytical tools.

Wolf 21 Offers Focus on Keyword Relevancy and Quality

Wolf21 keeps on top of what drives successful pay per click advertising campaigns. We apply our knowledge to design pay per click management that aims for keyword quality and relevancy, reducing your cost per click (CPC) and increasing your return on investment (ROI).

Persuasive ad text that incorporates keywords is another part of any effective keyword strategy. With our experience in developing print and online ads, we can craft an ideal PPC ad for you.

Ranking Formula For Google Adwords

  • Click Through Rate (CTR) – How frequently your ad gets clicked
  • Relevance of Ad Text – How the ad content matches the keyword you are bidding on
  • Historical Keyword Factors – How the keyword has performed for competitors in the past
  • Landing Page Quality – How well your landing page matches your ad content and the keyword you are bidding on

Ranking Overview For Yahoo! Search Marketing

  • Both bid amount and ad quality will determine an ad’s rank in search results beginning February 5, 2007
  • This will replace the current method, in which ads are ranked by bid mount only
  • This is designed to allow you to focus less on competitive bidding practices and more on the quality of your ads
  • By improving the quality of your ads and making them more relevant to users, you may be rewarded with a better ranking and lower cost for your ads

MSN Has a Ranking Formula Similar To Google

Wolf21 – Tracking Results for You

With Wolf21 ppc management, you never have to guess at what your campaign is costing you. You’ll be provided with detailed analysis that compares your CPC with revenues and gives you a clear picture of your Return On Investment, a key measure of success.

Our analysis also enables you to weed out unproductive keywords and shift the focus to the keywords that perform well for you.