Pay Per Click Keywords – Research That Drives Your Costs Down

What drives up the costs of PPC campaigns? In short, keywords. In PPC, advertisers pay an agreed amount for each click delivered by an ad. The cost per click (CPC) for an ad is based on the bid price the advertiser is willing to pay for the keywords used in the ad. Use of popular keywords can cost more, but use of less popular keywords can lower the click through rate (CTR), or the number of clicks an ad gets.

Selecting the right keywords is what counts in PPC advertising. To find the right keywords, you need solid keyword research.

Wolf21 Keyword Research – The “Key” To Success

In PPC advertising, the click through rate of an ad is critical. If your ad performs poorly for a particular keyword, you may be prevented from bidding on that keyword again. If your ad is optimized for a keyword and visitors find your business doesn’t relate highly to that keyword, your click through rate will drop and your ad will stop being shown. The wrong keywords can, and often do, cause PPC campaigns to fail.

To succeed in PPC advertising, you need solid keyword research and strong analytics to ensure that you do not waste time and resources on keywords that do not deliver.

We analyze your business and your competition. We then devise a priority list of keywords and keyword phrases and determine which ones can give you the best returns. Relevance is a major factor in our keyword research – we find you the keywords that are best suited to bringing you targeted traffic.

Major search engines, like Google and Yahoo, give a lot more weight to keyword relevance than they once did. Relevance means lower costs for you, maybe even as little as a penny per click. Our keyword research finds words and phrases that pertain to your business, that are highly likely to be searched on, and that can be supported by your ad copy and landing page.

Keyword Research and Local Strategies

Local search presents a huge opportunity for pay per click advertisers to reach their local markets. In fact, local PPC advertising is the fastest growing segment of local online advertising. Competition for localized keywords can be tough. With our knowledge of local strategies and our top–notch keyword research services, you can outpace the competition.

Using Keyword Research to Optimize your PPC Ad and Landing Page

Our keyword research is also put to use in developing your ad and the landing page visitors see when they click through. Smart use of keywords is crucial with the stringent character limits in PPC ads. And if the landing page is not relevant to the keywords, visitors will soon discover this. Your click through rate will drop and your ad will stop being shown.

Wolf21 – Experience That Puts Your PPC Campaign on Top

We are the best choice for your entire PPC campaign, from keyword research to ad development to analytics. We have years of experience in online advertising, keyword strategies and ROI analysis. We have what it takes to deliver you a cost–effective PPC campaign with high returns.