Why is Content Development Important in PPC Advertising?

We’ve all seen pay per click (PPC) ads listed alongside search engine listings. They are short, no more than 100 characters in total. You may think that just anyone can write an ad like that. You might be surprised to find out how much work is involved in crafting an effective PPC ad.

In the context of pay per click advertising, content development includes writing a concise, keyword–optimized, eye–catching ad that makes readers want to click. In and of itself, writing the ad copy requires great skill. But more content is required. Each click of a PPC ad leads a user to a landing page, and that page must possess the same traits as the ad, and then some.

Wolf21 applies its high standards for copywriting to all content development, from short PPC ads to detailed Web pages.

Wolf21 Content Development and Keyword Research

On the Web, content development depends heavily on keywords. Before writing can begin, the right keywords have to be selected. Keyword selection is especially critical to PPC advertising, since you are paying for each click.

Selecting keywords can be a daunting task. Many business owners wonder how specific their keywords should be: use of popular keywords can cost more, while use of less popular keywords can lower the click through rate (CTR), or the number of clicks an ad gets.

Let us do the work. Our keyword research is top of the line. We get you the right keywords and we use them where they will have maximum effect – ad titles and landing pages.

Content Development and Ad Copy

At Wolf21, we place a lot of importance on the copywriting of a PPC ad. The skill required to craft good ad content is equal to that required for the landing page. Consider why.

With tight character limits imposed by search engines, a PPC ad must incorporate keywords and attention-getting copy in very little space. By way of example, Google AdWords allows for a 25–character title for the ad and two 35–character lines of description. Not much room for creative content development there. What’s more, according to most editorial guidelines, an ad cannot use excessive capitalization or punctuation (!) to draw the eyes of viewers, so effective writing is key.

A Good Landing – Content Development to Enhance Your Call to Action

To reap the benefits of a good PPC ad, you need a good landing page. This page must be optimized for your keyword phrase and entice viewers to read about your products. It must also provide them a clear call to action.

As part of our content development services, we design landing pages that accomplish your goals. Our professional writers are skilled at creating well written ad copy with the right ratio of keywords. They know how to attract customers and compel them to stay and read more about all your business has to offer. And they know how to entice them to follow your call to action.

Wolf21 Content Development – Part of Your Winning PPC Strategy

At Wolf21, we know the value of content. Our content development services use the best Website writers around. Put us to work for your PPC campaign and see what a difference great content can make.