Pay Per Click (PPC) Analytics

PPC analytics will help you get the best ROI out of the most effective paid advertising strategy on the Internet. In pay per click advertising, companies bid on keywords that relate to their sites.

The myth about pay per click advertising is that it is very expensive. The reality is that it doesn’t have to be. When done right, pay per click is economical and offers excellent return on marketing ROI. Our PPC analytics will prove that to you.

Wolf21 Analytics

PPC Analytics are a valuable part of a Wolf21 pay per click campaign. With our analysis you’ll never have to guess at what your campaign is costing you or whether the ROI makes the costs worthwhile. We’ll provide you with detailed analytics that compare your cost per click with revenues and give you a clear picture of how your campaign is doing.

Google Analytics records the “clicks” of your site’s visitors. It separates visitors who clicked on different ads and follows their behavior. For example, it can tell us how long a visitor stayed, where they clicked, and even how much revenue they generated. One of the most important features is its focus on the effectiveness of keywords.

Analytics then produces a variety of reports with a wide range of statistics, including the number of clicks from your pay per click campaign and the cost per click. It also enables us to do a detailed comparison between your pay per click campaign and the results of traditional search.

Wolf21s PPC analytics service uses the results of this report to create a thorough analysis of the ROI from your pay per click campaign. We can provide you with numbers that indicate total revenue and the conversion rate. If you want to know the revenue generated for each dollar spent on pay per click, we can prepare a report on the return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Wolf21 PPC Analytics: Part of Your Comprehensive Bid Strategy

You may think that you can just get a tool to analyze your statistics and manage your pay per click campaign yourself. But getting the report is only half the battle. The interpretation of the stats and the conversion of that knowledge into an effective bid management strategy take specialized expertise.

At Wolf21, we have that expertise. We combine it with our analytics to manage your bids effectively, using a bid management system and our own professional judgment. Your ROI is the main focus as we control your bids, ensuring that you do not pay more than is necessary to maintain your position for each keyword on your site.