Online Lead Generation that Stays on Track

Wolf21’s online lead generation program drives customers to your Web site.

What Does Online Lead Generation Do For Me?

Our online lead generation program is guaranteed to bring you valuable, qualified, online leads – people who are actively seeking a businesses to provide them with a specific product or service.

The program requires remarkably little resources from you. All you need to do is give us a couple of numbers – the amount you want to spend and the number of leads you want to generate. We do the rest.

How Does it Work?

Online lead generation is a highly effective combination of keyword research,SEO, PPC and lead tracking and reporting. And it is fast – we can have your lead generation campaign up and running in no time.

The program is very straightforward. Here’s a quick overview of what happens:

  • We drive traffic to your website with a variety of focused, paid ads that appear in the sponsored listings area of major search engines
  • We will give you a unique phone number to track your lead generation efforts and discover which keywords are delivering the best marketing ROI

It’s that simple. With professional content and targeted ads, you’ll soon be seeing large numbers of highly qualified leads.

Where Does Your Lead Generation Program Start?

We begin with a consultation. To be successful, online lead generation requires the use of specific keyword terms and phrases that describe what your business offers. We talk to you about your business and carry out thorough keyword research to ensure you are using the main keywords for your unique products and services.

We then develop a optimized content using your keyword phrases, with a clear call to action. Customers searching for your products or services will see your ad in the sponsored listings we place on the major search engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN. Once they click through to your site, they contact you via the unique phone number listed there.

In any online marketing initiative, analysis is essential to maintaining success. We continually monitor your campaign and make adjustments where necessary, ensuring that your campaign is giving you the best returns possible.

What is My Role in the Lead Generation Program?

We value your input into your lead generation campaign and we ask for it every step of the way. As part of our efforts to keep you involved, we provide you with detailed online tracking tools so you can access your leads and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. You can also contact our consultants at any time to discuss your campaign or the latest industry news.

Why Choose Wolf21?

We are experts in all aspects of online sales techniques. Online lead generation is a natural growth of our existing marketing business, SEO, pay per click and pay per call. You could say that lead generation is second nature to us.