Yahoo Answers – A Tool for Increasing Traffic to Your Site

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Yahoo Answers is a popular network with a considerable number of users. It brings together inquisitive people with questions and experts from different fields, who give answers. All these users are potential customers and if you make proper use of Yahoo Answers, you can give a boost to the traffic on your site. A recent article discusses the potential of Yahoo Answers for generating website traffic. 

Yahoo Answers awards points for giving answers. So you can start off with 100 points just by registering. In order to gather more points on Yahoo Answers what you have to do is come up with some really good and informative answers. An easy way to do this is to take a good look at your site. Go through the unanswered questions on the site relevant to your website and field, and start answering and referring your website resources.

If you have written a unique and informative article on a general problem, it is very likely that you will find an unanswered question on the subject. Yahoo Answers also has a feature called ‘Advanced Search’ with the help of which you can find a question on the site which is a perfect match for your answer.

The point at which you can really start benefiting from Yahoo Answers is when you reach 250 points. Once you cross the 250 mark you can put live links in your answers which can really boost traffic on your site by directing Yahoo Answers users to your site. If you haven’t already tried out this potent medium of social media marketing, it’s time you created an account on Yahoo Answers and get started.

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